JRC 3D Reconstructor® FORENSIC is the success history of JRC 3D Reconstructor® in forensic field is now improved by a new dedicated software package.



LineUp® Pro (for automatic target-less registration) included.

Inspection tool to point out the geometric differences of the crime scenes in time.

Easy 3D measuring tools and mapping Hi-Res RGB images on mesh models.




: Terrestrial, aerial, mobile, arm, freestyle, pictures, polyline, 3D model .

Target less and target based with bundle adjustment.

Editing, filtering, color manage and classification.

Generation and editing, automatic edge extraction for 3D CAD drawing.

Model import/export (Revit compatibility), model comparison in time.

Distance maps from reference planes.

Photo draping and calibration (spherical, perspective, thermal) and mesh with

High resolution texture mapping with external photos.

Plant, elevation and cross section ready for CAD

Distances, angle, area, volumes, and flight through video from trajectories or view points.

Cylindrical, spherical, and ortho


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