• Importing of raw data from different sensors, 3D point clouds and mesh models
  • Direct import of RIEGL RiSCAN PRO projects and Z+F LaserControl projects (thermal camera included)
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Scans alignment and geo-referencing
  • Mesh creation, editing and simplification
  • Calibration of high resolution digital images and texture mapping
  • Specific tools for extraction of high resolution orthophotos, elevations, plans, cross sections, videos, façade color simulations
  • Export to CAD or in other modelling software (3DStudioMax, Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, etc.)


  • Point clouds from LiDAR, UAV, total station in open formats (txt, LAS, E57, ptx, pts, asc, ply)
  • Scans from 3D laser scanner manufacturers (fls, zfc, rxp, 3dd, x3s, x3m, clr, cl3, dp, ixf, imp)
  • Meshes and CAD models (dxf, ifc, stl, wrl, 3ds, ply, obj, dae)
  • RIEGL RiSCAN PRO projects and Z+F LaserControl projects (thermal camera included)
  • Raw scans colorization (FARO and TOPCON supported)


  • point clouds (txt, LAS, E57, ptx, pts, asc, ply, ptc, ixf)
  • 3D mesh models (dxf, stl, wrl, 3ds, ply, obj, dae)
  • cross sections, edges, polilines (dxf, txt)
  • maps, orthofoto, spherical and cylindrical views (bmp and standard image formats)
  • inspection report (pdf)
  • videos (avi)
  • new ReCap 360™ formats (rcp, rcs) through Gexcel ReCap Plug-in
  • new JRC 3D Reconstructor projects (recprj) and raw data (rup, rgp) for direct importation in ReCap 360™ through Gexcel ReCap Plug-in


  • point cloud models
  • colored mesh models with texture
  • orthophotos with high resolution images
  • orthographic, cylindrical, spherical and perspective 2.5D views (virtual scan)
  • cross sections
  • 3D model edges
  • area and volume
  • planarity and verticality maps
  • points surfaces comparisons (inspection)
  • distances and annotations
  • fly-through videos


OS: Windows (XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
Version: 64 bit
CPU: multi-core processor (8 Cores at least)
Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX with 2GB Ram (for a large use of points) or NVIDIA Quadro (for a large use of mesh and texture)