• Extremely simple interface with few buttons, integrated workflows and self-explainable wizards for data processing
  • Handling of 3D unlimited point clouds coming form lidar data, 3D sensors and photogrammetry
  • Management and navigation of 3D point cloud huge datasets
  • Points visualization with height and distance map coloration (useful for points and objects classification)
  • Solid Images special tool to create images with depth information
  • Applications fields: Construction, Heritage, Architectural, Mining, Tunnelling, Forensic, Mobile, Airborne, UAV point cloud, Bathymetry, Sonar and Geophysical




  • lidar data (las, laz, e57, ply, rgp, rxp, asc, rup, fws, ixf, pst, txt, pts, zfs, liste di punti GNSS GPS, raw data from the most common laser scanner)
  • external meshes (stl, ply, 3ds, obj, dxf, OpenSceneGraphFormat)
  • digital surface models (DSM)
  • JRC 3D Reconstructor projects



  • solid images as point clouds (e57, rgp)
  • point clouds (e57, txt, pst, laz, las)



  • ortophotos and solid images (with direct export to CAD)
  • elevations
  • plans
  • 3D models
  • fly-through videos with large dataset
  • planarity maps
  • volume computation (open pit mines, lake basins, valleys, etc.)
  • linear distances
  • annotations and coordinates



  • OS: Windows (XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
  • Version: 64 bit
  • Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX and onwards
  • RAM: 16GB